5 Reasons Choose Chinese Injection Molding Machine


As a big country in the manufacture of plastic products, China's products have always been known all over the world for their extremely high cost performance, and quickly occupy markets around the world. Among them, China's self-produced high-quality injection molding machine is also an important reason. With the advancement of technology and the accumulation of experience, the technology of Chinese injection molding machines keeps catching up, gradually approaching the level of the world's top brands, and still maintaining this excellent cost advantage, making Chinese injection molding machines favored by more and more businesses around the world.

Buying an injection molding machine in China, you may be hesitant to worry about a lot of things? China just has some unique factors, you don't need to worry too much. Let me give you a few reasons to buy an injection molding machine in China.


  • Labor costs

    Like many other industries, for many buyers, low cost is the main reason they purchase injection molding machines in China. In recent years, China's labor costs have been rising, which makes some of them worry and consider products from other countries. However, in fact, labor costs in China are still much lower than those in the United States or other countries. China's injection molding machines have labor advantages. At present, in some developed countries, most people do not work as hard as China while pursuing the quality of life. In China's injection molding machine companies, professional workers work efficiently and are very dedicated. In addition, labor costs continue to rise, and individual labor productivity also increases.

  • Industrial upgrading

    Another thing is that many Chinese mold/mold manufacturers know that manufacturing automation can help them solve the problem of labor shortage, reduce costs, and improve the quality of finished products. They have been equipping their facilities with robots. Chinese mold makers are aware of rising costs, and they must also find a way to solve this cost problem.

  • Policy factors

    In addition, the People's Bank of China devalued the renminbi to boost China's economic growth. As a result, China's cost production has become better, which will help China's exports regain its inherent advantages.

  • Complete industrial chain

    China's injection molding machine manufacturing industry has approached huge economies of scale, because in China, the mechanical components, electronic components and hydraulic components of injection molding machines can be seen everywhere. For example, the division of labor between manufacturers of mechanical parts for injection molding machines in China is becoming more and more specialized. China is the world's largest producer of plastic products. Why are the prices of plastic products in China so low? Because China has the most complete industrial chain, it has greatly reduced production costs. For the production and operation of enterprises, cost and profit are so important, and China's injection molding machine has become an excellent option.

2. Transparent transaction

  • Transparent transaction

    Some people will say that China's injection molding machine has some other additional costs. However, this is not the case. After years of development in China's injection molding machine industry, many suppliers can provide you with clear quotations, which show the clear cost of each item, and you can ensure by asking them for the cost details. At Sunbun-Machine, we can provide you with a very clear quotation, including all the details, and sincerely become your partner.

3. Quality

  • Transparent transaction

    Some people say that the quality of Chinese products is not good, just the price is cheap. However, there are many large companies in the world sourcing goods from China. Are companies that buy Chinese goods all fools? The main reason is that many Chinese products are excellent enough to bring greater profit margins to enterprises. The speed of Chinese injection molding machines is compared with European injection molding machines, such as thin-walled food container molding machines and other thin-walled injection molding machines. Chinese injection molding machines can also be close to the cycle time of European injection molding machines, and the cost is very low in comparison.

    China's injection molding machines are getting better and better, and their quality is getting better and better. The world market share report proves this, that market choices will not deceive people.

    So the first question is how to find an excellent and suitable injection molding machine manufacturer in China. This issue needs to be considered not only in China, but also in purchasing anywhere. You can read this article for more information: How to Buy A Chinese Injection Molding Machine.

4. Communication

  • Diversified talent

    Many people complain that it is difficult for them to communicate with Chinese suppliers in English, especially in engineering and logistics. This makes many companies feel very worried and hesitant about choosing Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers, especially those with high precision and quality requirements.

    However, more and more Chinese people are able to communicate with foreign customers proficiently in English, and many Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers have employees who are proficient in English. The cultural quality of the Chinese population is constantly improving, and you are welcome to communicate with Chinese manufacturers.

  • Professional

    On the other hand, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers are also developing rapidly under the fierce competition in the domestic market. As a powerful country in the plastics world, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers can provide your company with extensive knowledge and expertise in plastic injection molding . Sunbun can provide you with comprehensive technical support.

5. Delivery time

  • Transparent transaction

    This is also one of the most important things! China's supply chain is complete, and China has accumulated a lot of delivery experience in selling products to the world. We have many ways to reduce your delivery time and deliver it to you safely. This enables customers to reduce inventory and reduce expenses.


Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers continue to explore to improve their quality and technology while maintaining their original cost advantages, so as to bring greater profit margins to customers all over the world. Efficient and high quality have gradually become synonymous with Chinese injection molding machines. If you are considering purchasing an injection molding machine, then Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers will be your first choice.

If you want to buy an injection molding machine, you can choose Sunbun Machine. Sunbun Machine is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of automated intelligent equipment and injection molding machines. Through the continuous innovation and development of scientific researchers and technicians, Sunbun has successfully launched various injection molding machines and special machines.

If you are interested, you can contact us for the latest consultation and quotation.


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