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Sunbun is one of the main manufacturers of PVC injection molding machines. Through our design and development, our PVC moulding machine has the advantages of economy and high efficiency. Our PVC plastic molding machine meet international quality standards and are sold in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. If you need a PVC injection molding machine to increase investment profits or improve production efficiency, then you can learn about the products we provide.

Reasons to Buy Our Pvc Plastic Molding Machine

  • High quality, excellent production of various pipe fittings, low defective rate
  • Individualized production solutions can use different materials to produce various geometric pipe fittings.
  • Attentive service, support training, maintenance, answer various questions, provide solutions and parts.
  • Equipped with a cooling fan to prevent the PVC material from discolouring due to high temperature
  • Upgraded system and components, power system, hydraulic motor are enhanced, 20% higher than the traditional work efficiency, and the quality of the plastic products produced is even better

Application of PVC Machine

Various geometrical pipe fittings, adapters, electronic product packaging, electronic product shells

PVC Injection Molding Machine Product List

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Notes on Using PVC Injection Molding Machine

1. The back pressure should be controlled at about 1Mpa. Excessive back pressure will produce excessive shearing force and cause the PVC to overheat and decompose. At the same time, multi-level back pressure control should be used in the melting process. In the beginning, the effective length of the screw is long, and the backpressure should be lower. As the effective length of the screw decreases, the back pressure should be appropriately increased to compensate for the decrease in heat. A short period before the end of the return, the back pressure should be reduced to prevent salivation leakage.

2. The screw speed should vary depending on the diameter. Generally, if the diameter is less than 60mm, the rotation speed is 50-70rpm; if the diameter is more than 70mm, the rotation speed is 20-50rpm to prevent PVC degradation due to excessive shearing force.

3. In order to make the plastic injection into the inspection cavity, the speed of each place is uniform. Generally, the injection speed should be controlled in multiple stages. The principle is to start the injection slowly. With the gradual increase of the moulding area, the injection rate must be increased until there are no cracks and shrinkage marks. , Do not inject too fast to prevent the product surface from becoming eroded.

4. The temperature of the barrel during the injection should be controlled between 170-190℃. When the temperature of the barrel reaches the set temperature, the blower should be started to cool down, and when the temperature needs to be raised, the blowing and heating should be stopped to prevent the PVC from overheating and deterioration.

Due to the special properties of PVC, special PVC injection molding machines are used for production. The following points should be noted:

1. The screw length to diameter ratio should be 20:1, and the compression ratio should be between 1:1.6-1:1.2.

2. The screw and nozzle should be specially made of PVC with chrome-plated surface.

3. The injection pressure, speed, back pressure and temperature can be controlled in multiple stages and precisely.

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When you cooperate with sunbun, you get not only products but also a full range of service support. What you can get is a new type of pet preform manufacturing equipment, professional knowledge, complete solutions, provision of parts, and machine maintenance. We can help you get more profit. Look forward to working with you!

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