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If you become a customer of sunbun machine, you will get high quality service.
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High Standard Warranty Commitment
We want you to be satisfied! The Warranty we offer are designed to meet your need. Partnership and reliability are the values that we live by in China. S hould you need assistance, we are always at your disposal.
Total Machine – 12 month
Machine warranty 12 months refers to the machine from delivery to the customer within 12 months due to manufacturing defects caused by the quality of the machine itself, we will give you a free warranty.
42Crmo Pull Rod – 24 month
All the pull rod of Sunbun machine made by china best screw manufacturer (Zhejiang Huaye Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. ) which is the leader also enjoy the most advantage processing equipment in china. . 42Crmo raw material is top quality in china . (Haitian40 Crmo) After Long time production the Sunbun pull rod will be more and more shinning So we can assure 24 month long warren for our pull rod.
QT500-7 Mold Board – 36 month
All Sunbun Machine Mold board used by Nodular Casting iron code: QT500-7
Good toughness, more than 10 times than normal gray iron materials.
Good plasticity. Elongation ≥7% Gray iron = 0
high strength. Tensile strength ób≥420MPa, yield strengthós≥300MPa, 3 times than gray iron .
Strong corrosion resistance. Just 1/10 of normal Gray iron .
We assure 36 month for all our mold board.
Vulnerable parts warranty items- 6 month
a. The plastic head of torpedo, plastic ring of torpedo, plastic gasket of torpedo, nozzle, nozzle flange, heating ring, relays and seals warranty for 6 months;
b. Screw and barrel warranty period -6 month
c. Other parts not specified in the warranty period generally guarantee for 12 months.
Not free warranty items
a. Malfunction or damage caused by non-product working environment (eg overheating, low humidity, unstable or unstable power supply);
b. Failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper use, storage, maintenance and operation of the product not according to the instructions;
c. Due to accidental or human factor causes (including operational errors, scratches, handling, bump, improper plug, foreign objects fall, rodents, pests, etc.)
d. Without the company's after-sales service personnel agree, customer make unauthorized disassemble;
e. Corrosion and damage to the appearance of the machine due to improper storage of the machine;
f. Failure or damage due to force majeure (eg earthquake, fire, lightning strike, etc.);
g. Exceeds the warranty period.
Top & Considerate Service, Far Exceeding The Industry
Free installation,Free machine testing, free technical training.
Three free service
Free installation,Free machine testing, free technical training.
Pre-sales service
To provide customers technical consultations such as plastic raw materials, machinery, mold and other aspects of knowledge ; to help customers provide product analysis and select reasonable model based on the product

And auxiliary equipment: Provide rationalization proposals according to the customer's overall layout of the workshop and the installation of machinery, water and electricity layout.
Sales service
When the equipment arrived at the customer office, we provide free technical training to customer technical staffs about the installation of equipment ; explain the matters which need to take care,

Let the relevant staff of customers as soon as possible familiar with the operation and maintenance of the machine.

The installation of machinery, water and electricity layout.
After-sales service
To resolve customer’s problem when in the shortest time; to provide with the latest industry information to customers. Regular customer visits, find problems and solve them in time.

No matter when your machine has problems, just a call, we will reply to you within 24 hours, hoping to provide you with convenient service in the shortest time.

Any questions about the machine maintenance and technical issues, you can send e-mail to us, we will provide you with satisfactory answers.
Top & Considerate Service, Far Exceeding The Industry
Free installation,Free machine testing, free technical training.
High Standard Quality Control To Ensure Long-Term Operation Of The Injection Molding Machine
With international processing equipment for topchina quality
Quality Control for All the Mechanical Components
From machine base, frame to all other machined mechanical parts. Sunbun QC Team will to much CAM on machine’s frame to check if there is any deformation on the frame before the assembling, also check all the other mechanical components dimension to see if they meet the tolerance according to 2D parts drawings.
Quality Control for Plastic Molding Machine’s Assembling
The high precision components need the correct assembling, otherwise, we can never work out a good quality and precise plastic molding machine, Sunbun assembling workshop has very professional assembling experience and skills, and has its own standard sunbun plastic molding machine Assembling Processing Standard, the rigorous skillful workmanship keep the machine’s smoothly assembled and keep the machines working accurately.
QC for All the Components From Our Suppliers
Sunbun do very careful selection to all the suppliers, 90% of the hydraulic or electronic parts are purchased from world famous brand, in the same time, we get at least one year quality guarantee for all these parts.
Wide Variety of Physical Test
Wide variety of physical test to the clamping plate, screw and barrel, tie bars… For example for the clamping plate, Sunbun plastic molding machine related QC officers must check the hardness, and scan the clamping blocks before precise machining. Also do very strict control to screw and barrel’s hardness and make sure the HRC is equal for different areas…
Plastic Molding Machine Testing
All machine need mechanical testing before shipment. QC Team will test by fake mold. For 2000 – 5000 circles. If clients have physic mold also will test before shipment.
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