You are very welcome to cooperate together with us
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The Qualification to be an Agent
You are very welcome to cooperate together with us. Certainly, those individuals/ companies who want to be our Agent/Distributor meet the following requirement are preferred:
1. License for plastic machine trading
2. Experienced in plastic injection molding machine
3. Experienced agency of other injection machine brand
4. Business teams and After-sales teams
5. Showroom and Warehouse
6. Confidence for Sunbun Brand
The Support You Will Get
To be our agent, Sunbun will offer great support on the plastic machinebusiness which is not limited to the marketing
Marketing Publicity Material Assisted
International Network Promotion
Local Exhibition Support
Build Sunbun as valuable brand for better promoting
Fair Market pricing structure
Special Payment support
Quick Response
Priority production order and spare parts delivery
Long-term supply of spare parts
Technical Support
You are very welcome to cooperate together with us!
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