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Servo Injection Molding Machine: Everything You Need to Know

Feb 01.2023

In order to manufacture plastic products that meet consumer expectations, appropriate production processes cannot be ignored. The market and demand for servo injection molding machines are increasing. Electric injection molding machines have accounted for about half of the total number of injection molding machines sold in the United States each year, and the proportion is even higher in Japan. Choosing the right servo injection molding machine can bring huge benefits. So what is a servo injection molding machine and what are its advantages? Next, I will take you to find out. 


What is a Servo Injection Molding Machine?

In modern industry, electric motors are rapidly looking for mechanical, hydraulic, and power drive systems in cleaning tools, especially cleaning tools used in medical clean rooms, and solving manufacturing problems in these clean and correct ways. The energy production performance of the servo energy-saving series is reduced. Power control system. In the state machine state process, different pressure flows produce different frequency outputs, and reasonable pressure flow closed-loop control. The servo system realizes the optimal matching and automatic control adjustment of high energy demand, speed response, and performance control.


Flow control principle: When the pressure detected by the pressure sensor is less than the pressure set value, the driver controls the server to keep driving, so that the output flow of the pump is the set value.

Pressure control principle: When the pressure detected by the pressure sensor reaches the set value, the servo drive controls the torque of the servo motor to keep the output pressure of the pump at the set value.


Servo Injection Molding Machine Vs Ordinary Injection Molding Machine

The difference between a servo injection molding machine and an ordinary injection molding machine is the motor.

Ordinary injection molding machine: run without stopping, even if the machine movement stops, the motor will not stop rotating.

Servo injection molding machine: every different action will use the corresponding power to provide power, just as if the machine does not move, the servo motor will also stop completely.


What Are the Advantages of Servo Injection Molding Machine?

The advantages of servo injection molding machines mainly include the following three aspects.

1. Power saving

One of the factors driving the adoption of servo motors is the increasing need to reduce energy costs. Pneumatic and hydraulic systems rely on continuously running high-energy pumps and compressors to maintain proper pressure, even when the injection molding equipment is idle. In contrast, the servo system only needs power when it is activated. For example, studies have shown that the energy consumed by fully electric machines is usually less than half of the energy used to drive the injection molding machine hydraulically.

2. Precision

Servo motors are known for providing high precision and repeatability. In order to obtain excellent accuracy, servo motors can be programmed using complex, easily modified drive sequences, and have greater flexibility and subtle differences in speed and force compared to mechanical latches or hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

The operator does not need to physically change the latch hardware or the regulating valve, but can easily program the servo, for example, move a 300-pound template quickly 15 mm, and then reduce the speed within the last millimeter to achieve a gentle stop- Instead of stopping violently.

In addition to providing greater accuracy, this controlled shutdown also reduces high repetitive stresses on mold components and extends tool life.

3. High efficiency

Due to the fast response speed of the servo motor, it only takes +0.5 milliseconds from 0 to the rated speed, so the efficiency of processed products is increased by about 2%.

servo injection molding machine

Injection molding machines are the main production equipment in the plastics industry, and there is a serious waste of electricity. Due to the high price of electricity, electricity costs account for a considerable proportion of the production cost of enterprises, which has become an important factor that seriously affects the production efficiency of enterprises.

As market competition intensifies, companies have taken measures to save energy, reduce consumption and reduce production costs to improve market competitiveness. Customize products based on motor power, injection molding machine users’ motor speed, pump displacement, and pressure system to meet equipment requirements. All specifications.

The servo installation process is the same as the ordinary machine, convenient and simple, and is welcomed by the majority of plastic industry enterprises. It not only responds to the national call for energy saving and emission reduction but also brings considerable economic benefits.

The products are beautiful, durable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. Depending on the injection molding products, the power-saving rate can reach 35%-80%. The total investment payback period is 6-12 months.


How to Choose a Servo Injection Molding Machine

The servo system with large power and large torque should be selected first, which directly affects the overload capacity during high-voltage action, and the ultimate performance of the machine can be tested through physical objects.

Pay attention to the connection method of the motor and the oil pump, whether it adopts a reliable coupling and bracket structure because the servo motor will frequently accelerate, decelerate, brake, and reverse during operation, which will affect the driving process in tens of milliseconds. The axial concentricity and cushioning in the middle, and then affect the service life of the motor bearing and the oil pump.

Pay attention to the factors that affect the efficiency of the machine, such as the displacement and speed of the oil pump. The greater the displacement of the oil pump at the same speed, the higher the efficiency of the machine. The maximum flow output requirements and speed should be considered when selecting the oil pump displacement.

In order to ensure the reliability and service life of the servo drive system, it is recommended to design the speed within a reasonable safety range under the premise of ensuring the highest flow output requirement. The low-speed design also brings faster response speed, but this will increase the cost of the machine and involve the price positioning of the machine. Both users and machine manufacturers need forward-looking cost allocation.


Your Reliable Servo Injection Molding Machine

Zhejiang Shunbang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shunbang Machinery) is a branch of Shunbang Group. Founded in 1993. Sunbun Machine is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of automated intelligent equipment and injection molding machines.

Development After nearly 30 years of development and continuous innovation by professional researchers and technicians, Sunbun Machine has become a top injection molding machine manufacturer. The servo motor injection molding machine produced by Sunbun has the following advantages:

-Adopt the most advanced dual CPU control technology

-100 MCAN digital communication is used to control the movement of the machine, with higher control accuracy and faster response speed

-Equipped with high-end new servo motors. Features high torque. Low noise and longer durability

-High-response closed-loop control mode makes the system pressure and flow stable and accurate

-Output the corresponding power according to the system load. This is more energy efficient. The oil temperature is low. 

-Reduced the use of cooling water. Improve the service life of hydraulic oil and hydraulic parts and increase repeatability

Sunbun Machine provides the best injection molding machines and becomes your trusted partner.



If you have an idea to buy an injection molding machine, please contact us immediately, and we will provide you with the most detailed information and the most thoughtful service.

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Zhejiang Sunbun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (Sunbun Machine) is the branch of Sunbun Group. Which Founded in 1993. Through nearly 30 years development Sunbun Group now have Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai , Xuzhou , Quzhou 7 Production Base.
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