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High-speed Injection Molding Machine Selection Guide

Aug 07.2023

What is a High-speed Injection Molding Machine

What is a High-speed Injection Molding Machine

Generally speaking, the injection speed of an injection molding machine is above 300/s, so such an injection molding machine can be called a high-speed injection molding machine. There are two types of high-speed injection molding machines, one is hydraulic and the other is all-electric. High-speed injection molding machine is a molding equipment specially used to produce thin-walled products. It makes many different kinds of thin wall plastic products, like food container, plastic cups...etc.


What are the Components of a High-Speed Injection Molding Machine?

A high-speed injection molding machine consists of several key components that work together to facilitate efficient and rapid production. The injection unit is responsible for melting and injecting the plastic material into the mold, while the clamping unit holds the mold in place with powerful pressure during the process.

The hydraulic system provides the necessary force for clamping and injection actions, ensuring precision and speed. A sophisticated control system manages and coordinates various machine functions, such as temperature, pressure, and timing, to achieve optimal results. Moreover, heating and cooling systems maintain the ideal temperature for consistent molding, and the ejector system removes the finished product from the mold. Safety features are also incorporated to ensure both operator and machine safety during operation.


What are the Advantages of High-Speed Injection Molding Machines?

High-speed injection molding machines offer several advantages in the manufacturing process, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall quality. Here are some key advantages:

Faster Cycle Times: High-speed injection molding machines are designed to operate at significantly faster cycle times compared to traditional machines. This results in quicker production of parts, leading to increased output and shorter lead times.

Higher Productivity: With reduced cycle times, these machines can produce more parts within a given timeframe, thus increasing overall productivity. This is especially beneficial for high-volume production runs.

Reduced Energy Consumption: While high-speed machines might use more energy per injection cycle, their faster cycle times often result in lower overall energy consumption for producing a specific number of parts. This can lead to cost savings in the long run.

Lower Per-Part Cost: The increased production efficiency and reduced energy consumption contribute to a lower cost per part, making high-speed injection molding economically advantageous for large-scale production.

Enhanced Material Properties: Rapid injection cycles can positively influence the material properties of certain plastics. Faster cooling rates, for instance, can lead to improved part strength and surface finish.

Responsive to Market Demands: In industries with rapidly changing consumer demands, high-speed injection molding machines provide the flexibility to adjust production rates and quickly respond to shifts in market requirements.

Reduced Waste: Faster cycles and improved control over the molding process can help reduce material waste, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

While high-speed injection molding machines offer numerous advantages, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your production process and the characteristics of the materials being used. 


High Speed Injection Molding Machine vs Ordinary Injection Molding Machine

The Difference Between High Speed and Ordinary Injection Molding Machine

The molding process of an ordinary injection molding machine is mold clamping-injection-cooling-material storage-mould opening-mould support-gap time.

The high-speed injection molding machine adopts three-axis linkage, which is generally called a three-circuit. The molding process is mold clamping-injection-cooling-mould opening (synchronous mold support, storage)-gap time. For example, the molding time of an ordinary injection molding machine for a product is 10 seconds, while the high-speed injection molding machine uses the principle of three-axis linkage to greatly shorten the molding time by about 6 seconds. Subtracting two small steps, the time is increased by about half.

The standard pumps used in ordinary injection molding machines have greater pollution in terms of electricity, hydraulic oil and noise. The high-speed injection molding machine adopts a hybrid type of oil pump and servo motor, which is very environmentally friendly.


What Supporting Equipment Do High-Speed Injection Molding Machines Need?

High-speed injection molding machines require various supporting equipment to ensure efficient and reliable operation. These components help optimize the injection molding process, enhance productivity, and maintain the quality of produced parts. Some essential supporting equipment includes:

  • Mold Temperature Controllers: Maintain consistent quality and reduce cycle times by regulating mold temperatures.
  • Chillers: Ensure stable temperatures, improve part quality, and extend mold and machine life.
  • Robots and Automation: Enhance efficiency and reduce labor costs by automating tasks like part removal and packaging.
  • Material Dryers: Prevent defects by removing moisture from plastic pellets before molding.
  • Hopper Loaders: Continuously supply plastic pellets to the machine for production.
  • Granulators: Reduce waste by turning rejected parts into reusable granules.
  • Conveyors: Transport parts between production stages.
  • Central Material Handling: Optimize material distribution for multiple machines.
  • Mold Clamping Systems: Facilitate quick and precise mold changes.
  • Process Monitoring: Real-time control of temperature, pressure, and injection speed.
  • Safety Equipment: Ensure operator safety with guards, emergency stops, and interlocks.
  • Cooling Towers: Remove heat to maintain optimal machine and mold temperatures.
  • Oil Filtration: Maintain hydraulic system integrity with proper filtration and cooling.
  • Quality Control Equipment: Inspect and verify part quality with vision systems and gauges.
  • Energy-Efficient Systems: Reduce energy consumption and costs with efficient components.

Selecting the appropriate supporting equipment and integrating it seamlessly with high-speed injection molding machines is essential for achieving optimal performance, production efficiency, and product quality.


What Products Are High-Speed Injection Molding Machines Mainly Used For?

These machines excel in industries where speed, precision, and consistency are crucial. Some of the main products produced using high-speed injection molding machines include:

Thin-Walled Containers: High-speed machines are ideal for producing thin-walled plastic containers, such as food packaging, disposable cups, lids, and containers for cosmetics and toiletries.

Electronics and Electrical Components: These machines are used to manufacture precision plastic parts for electronics, including connectors, housings, casings, and components for consumer electronics and appliances.

Medical Devices: High-speed injection molding is employed to create medical products like syringes, IV components, test tubes, and other disposable medical devices.

Automotive Parts: The automotive industry benefits from high-speed injection molding for producing various components, such as interior panels, dashboard parts, trim, and smaller components like clips and fasteners.

Caps and Closures: High-speed machines are used to mold plastic caps and closures for bottles, containers, and packaging in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

Consumer Goods: High-speed machines are employed to create a wide range of consumer goods, such as cosmetic packaging, personal care products, and small consumer electronics.

Packaging Materials: High-speed machines are used to produce various plastic packaging materials, such as blister packs, clamshell packaging, and trays.

High-speed injection molding machines are versatile and find applications in industries that require high-volume production of plastic parts with short cycle times and consistent quality.


Reasons for Choosing High Speed Injection Molding Machine

The shooting speed is fast, the ordinary injection molding machine is 100mm/s, and the high speed is generally above 300mm/s. increase work productivity.

Energy-saving, equipped with a high-response servo system, providing corresponding hydraulic oil output flow according to action needs, no overflow loss, saving energy by 30-70%. Reduce operating costs for customers.

Precise, equipped with high-end computer controller, precise position and temperature control setting, faster response.

High efficiency, the new optimized design of the clamping mechanism, the movement of the clamping mechanism is fast and stable, 10%-20% faster than the previous models. Optional servo motor feeding, shorten the molding time by 40% compared with the traditional machine (can realize feeding and opening The three axes of the mold and the supporting mold move simultaneously).

Safety, thickened structure, triple protection of machinery, hydraulic pressure and electrical appliances. The safety module independently controls mold closing, injection, feeding, and seating without any misoperation and human injury.

In summary, high-speed injection molding machines: implement soft-start molds, which will not affect the power network and avoid voltage and electrical radiation pollution. It can effectively prevent the oil temperature from being too high and cool down well. Greatly reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil.

Compared with ordinary injection molding machines, high-speed injection molding machines can save 60~70% of the total power, greatly reducing costs and saving resources for customers.


Which Brand of High-speed Injection Molding Machine is Better?

At present, there are many brands of injection molding machines in the market. We have listed some well-known and fast-growing brands.

  • Haitian International
  • ENGEL Holding GmbH
  • Sumitomo Heavy Industries
  • Milacron
  • Wittmann Battenfeld
  • Fanuc
  • Toshiba
  • Nissei Plastic
  • Husky
  • JSW Plastics Machinery
  • Toyo
  • Chenhsong
  • Yizumi
  • Sunbun

No one of these brands can tell which one is the best brand of injection molding machine. They each have their own advantages, and we should find suitable manufacturers according to our own conditions and needs.


How Much Does a High-speed Injection Molding Machine Cost?

What is the price of a high-speed injection molding machine? This is a question that many buyers will ask. Once you have the idea of buying an injection molding machine, you may want to know how to get the lowest price.

According to different specifications, clamping force, tonnage, system, motor, injection speed, and other configuration options. The price of high-speed injection molding machines will change accordingly. The price of a general high-speed injection molding machine is 50% more expensive than the ordinary injection molding machine. Usually, the price of a high-speed injection molding machine ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 US dollars. But from a long-term perspective, the profit return brought by high-speed injection molding machines is sufficient to make up for the cost gap.

Do You Need an Injection Molding Machine?


What Factors Need to Be Considered When Purchasing a High-Speed Injection Molding Machine?

When purchasing a high-speed injection molding machine, it's crucial to consider various factors to ensure optimal performance and a successful investment:

Production Needs: Assess your required production volume and cycle time. Choose a machine that can handle your output efficiently.

Part Complexity: Consider the size and intricacy of the parts you'll be molding. Ensure the machine's specifications align with your part requirements.

Material Compatibility: Verify that the machine is suitable for the types of plastic materials you plan to use. Compatibility ensures consistent and reliable production.

Speed and Efficiency: Evaluate the machine's injection speed and responsiveness to meet your desired production rates and reduce cycle times.

Cost Analysis: Evaluate the overall cost, including initial investment, operating costs, and potential ROI.

Future Scalability: Assess whether the machine can accommodate future needs or changes in production requirements.

Taking these factors into account ensures that the selected high-speed injection molding machine aligns with your specific production goals, quality standards, and long-term business objectives.


Why Import High-Speed Injection Molding Machines from China?

Importing high-speed injection molding machines from China can offer several advantages. China has a well-established manufacturing infrastructure and is a major global player in the injection molding industry. Chinese manufacturers often provide a wide range of options at competitive prices due to lower labor and production costs. Many Chinese companies also offer customization and technological advancements, making it possible to acquire cutting-edge equipment. Additionally, China's extensive supply chain and logistics networks facilitate efficient shipping and distribution. 


Do You Need a High-speed Injection Molding Machine?

Sunbun is an injection molding machine manufacturer from China. Mainly customize and produce injection molding machines for global customers. Our injection molding machine not only meets international quality standards in quality but also has a competitive advantage in price compared to peers. The cost of the same machine is reduced by about 10%. In addition, we also support, maintenance, professional technical guidance, machine solutions, parts supply, machine use training and other services. If you want to know about our high-speed machines, please click here. Please tell us if you have any needs and look forward to cooperating with you!

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