Apply to fast food boxes, beveragebottle caps, medicine cartridges, buckets, medical supplies, etc.
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High Speed Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Are you looking for a high-speed injection molding machine specializing in the production of thin-walled plastic products? We are a professional injection molding machine manufacturer, and we also provide high-speed injection molding machines specifically for packaging, bottle caps and other thin-wall applications. Our injection molding machines meet international quality standards and support pre-sales and after-sales services. You can learn about the high-speed injection molding machines we provide.

Application of High Speed Molding Machine

Various styles of fast food boxes, disposable tableware, beverage bottle caps, medicine cartridges, flower pots and buckets, medical supplies, etc.

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High Speed Thin Wall Injection Molding Machine Buying Guide

Are you looking for a high-quality high-speed injection molding machine? Check out 2022's Buyer's Guide to the Best Budget High Speed Injection Molding Machines for CNC Machinists, Operators, Craftsmen and Beginners. sunbun will give you the best thin wall injection molding machines in 2022 at a cost price within your budget.


What is a High-speed Thin-wall Injection Molding Machine

Generally speaking, the injection speed of an injection molding machine is above 300/s, so such an injection molding machine can be called a high-speed injection molding machine. There are two types of high-speed injection molding machines, one is hydraulic and the other is all-electric. 


What Are the Advantages of Using It?

  1. Reduce injection time, make cycle time shorter
  2. Increase the flow of the melt material, which is good for the forming of thin wall product
  3. Improve the surface gloss of the product
  4. Can improve the strength of the weld line, so that the weld line is not obvious
  5. It can reduce the noise generated by equipment operation and production, and improve the working environment
  6. The total power consumption can be saved by 50~70%, which greatly reduces the cost.


How Does a High-speed Injection Molding Machine Work?

The high-speed injection molding machine is efficient, and the high-speed injection molding machine adopts three-axis linkage, which is commonly referred to as three-loop. The molding process is: mold clamping - injection - cooling - mold opening (synchronous mold support, material storage) - gap time.

For example, the molding time of a product with an ordinary injection molding machine is 10 seconds, while the high-speed injection molding machine uses the principle of three-axis linkage, and the molding time is greatly shortened by about 6 seconds, minus two small steps, but the time is increased by about half the speed.


What Product Uses the High-speed Injection Molding Machine?

High-speed injection molding machines are suitable for the production of a variety of plastic thin-walled products, including:

  • Plastic packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic housings
  • Medical devices
  • Medical disposables
  • Consumer product plastic packaging
  • Plastic containers and lids
  • Electronic housings and protection
  • Cell phone and handheld device components


How Much Does a High-speed Plastic Injection Molding Machine Cost?

If you're looking to buy a high-speed thin-wall injection molding machine for your project, you might be wondering how much it will cost?

The selling price of general high-speed injection molding machines ranges from $25,000 to $100,000. The main price of a high speed forming machine is dependent on the type and configuration used. If you are buying it overseas, he may add the cost of tax, shipping, customs clearance, service and technical support. If you need a custom high-speed thin-wall injection molding machine, the price will also go up every manufacturer has a certain fee for the new custom high-speed injection molding machine.


Tips for Choosing a High-speed Injection Molding Machine

Experience tells us that it is difficult for ordinary injection molding machines to meet thin-wall injection molding.

  1. Thin-wall injection molding machines generally require smaller barrels than conventional injection molding machines. The injection volume is preferably 35%-75% of the maximum injection volume of the injection molding machine.
  2. Injection molding machines must use high-resolution microprocessors to control. Throughout the thin wall injection molding process. Pressure and speed should be controlled independently at the same time. The conventional way of injection molding machine is to use the speed control during the filling stage and the pressure control stage to pressure control. This way does not apply.
  3. The hydraulic injection molding machine for thin-wall injection molding machines is designed with an accumulator, which can frequently drive injection and mold clamping. In order to withstand the high pressure of the injection molding machine, the lock plate force force must reach 7.5~10.5kg/mm^2. In addition, when the wall thickness reduces the injection pressure, the large template helps to reduce the bending.
  4. Speed is one of the key factors for the successful injection of thin-walled plastic parts. Rapid filling and high pressure can inject molten thermoplastic material into the mold cavity at high speed to prevent the gate from solidifying. If a standard plastic part is filled within 2 seconds, then the mold thickness is reduced by 25%, then the filling time needs to be reduced by 50%, just 1s.


Your Reliable High-speed Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

We are a professional injection molding machine manufacturer, and we have our own modern factory. Has 7 production bases in China. We can provide you with injection molding machines specially designed to produce thin-walled products. Of course, we can also customize the exclusive high-speed thin-wall injection molding machine for you according to your project.

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