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Injection Molding Machine Type, Advantages and Disadvantages

Dec 21.2021

Injection Molding Machine Type

What is an Injection Molding Machine?

This is a machine that uses molds to make plastic parts and is good at continuous molding, so it is suitable for high-speed mass production of plastic products with complex shapes. Its basic function is to plasticize the molding material (plastic resin particles), inject it into the mold cavity, then open and tighten the mold, and then wait for the finished product to be produced.

It is mainly divided into an injection part (injection part) and clamping part (molding part), and the controller is used for the operation.

There are the following drive types

  • Hydraulic type (hydraulic motor)
  • Electric (servo motor)
  • Hybrid type (a combination of the servo motor and hydraulic motor)

According to the direction of the mold clamping unit, there are two types of injection molding machines.

Each has different characteristics and needs to be correctly selected and used according to the product to be produced.


Comparison of Hydraulic and Electric Injection Molding Machines

Hydraulic type

High-pressure tightening force can be obtained relatively easily but is not good at precise control and simultaneous operation of multiple actuators.


  • Low initial cost
  • Easy to set high-pressure clamping force
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance


  • It costs higher running costs
  • It takes time to start (warm-up operation)
  • High power consumption
  • Maintenance takes time
  • Difficult to precisely control
  • Compared with servo motors, not good at fine control
  • Risk of oil spill



It is a drive system with a servo motor through computer numerical control (CNC). Can operate accurately. In addition, since no oil is used, there is less risk of contamination and can be used in cleanrooms.


  • Energy saving
  • Low power consumption (40-50% lower than hydraulic type)
  • High precision and high reproducibility
  • Injection control (such as pressure and speed) can be controlled in fine units
  • The control of the injection device is accurate and the molding conditions can be stabilized
  • Can build highly accurate control and highly accurate monitoring system
  • It can perform difficult operations such as multi-stage extension of the hydraulic system, and can control the extension
  • Not easily affected by room temperature, cooling water temperature and interference
  • save time
  • Using an independent motor, mold opening/closing, injection, extension and weight reduction can be performed, so the molding process can be performed in parallel and the molding cycle can be shortened.
  • be quiet
  • Clean molding environment
  • Since no oil is used, it is suitable for food and medical molding


  • The molding machine itself is more expensive than the hydraulic machine
  • Difficult to increase injection speed
  • Can not run beyond the limit of the servo motor


Hybrid injection molding machine

The purpose is to show the advantages of both hydraulic and electric types. Injection molding machine with a hydraulic device (hydraulic pump) and electrical device (AC servo motor) as the driving source at the same time.


Horizontal Mold Forming Machine and Vertical Mold Forming Machine

injection molding machines

There are two types of injection molding machines: horizontal and vertical. The current mainstream of injection molding machines is horizontal, and one of the factors is the difference in clamping pressure. The clamping force of the vertical mold is between 5t and 300t, while the opening of the horizontal mold is between 3t and 3000t.

Vertical injection molding machine

  •  The floor area is small, only about half of the horizontal machine
  •  The surface of the mold faces upwards, it is convenient to place the inserts, and the insert molding can be easily inserted
  •  Due to the phenomenon of gravity, the mold is supported by a horizontal template to provide durability to maintain the accuracy of the machine and mold
  •  A simple robot with precise control can retrieve each plastic part cavity
  •  Open universal clamping device, easy to configure, suitable for various types of automation devices, there is no difficulty for the automatic forming of complex and delicate products
  •  The vertical injection molding machine is equipped with a transmission device, which can realize automatic production and molding,

Horizontal injection molding machine

  •  Since the main frame of the host is very low, there is no height restriction on the installation factory
  •  If the product can fall automatically, no robot is needed, and the product is automatically formed
  •  The horizontal injection molding machine has a low body, simple feeding and easier maintenance
  •  The mold should be installed as a crane
  •  When multiple units are arranged side by side, the molded products can be easily collected and packaged by the conveyor belt


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