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The SB series injection molding machine features a high-rigidity five-point toggle mechanism and a box-type integrated structure in the mold clamping section, improving the mold locking rigidity and precision. The use of high-strength green columns ensures stable mold locking force, guaranteeing durable and efficient production. The joint section contains oil joint bushings to enhance the lifespan of mold locking components and save lubricating oil. The template section utilizes a flexible multi-point ejection system to meet diverse mold requirements and enable the production of a variety of products.

The screen adopts a "TFT" color display system, providing various data input options and fault alarms. The fully digital CAN control system ensures precise control of system pressure and flow. High-precision position control allows for real-time control of each action.

The injection molding machine features a dual-cylinder balanced injection structure for reliable and powerful injection. Low-speed high-torque five-star motor pre-plasticizing device ensures excellent material feeding and plasticizing capabilities, accommodating various types of plastics. The specialized and versatile screw and barrel design meets the needs of different users.



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