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Secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee Chen Weijun went to Sunbun to supervise the resumption

Aug 30.2022

On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, Secretary of the Wenzhou City Committee Chen Weijun went to Sunbun to supervise the enterprise's epidemic prevention and control, resume work and resume production, and carry out "three services" activities. Ou and Chen Wanxu, secretary of the Longwan District Party Committee, accompanied the inspection. Jiang Wei, chairman of the company, and Jiang Hong, general manager, reported on the relevant situation.

Secretary Chen Weijun and his party entered the intelligent manufacturing workshop, and the twelve groups of intelligent manufacturing units and four flexible production lines have all been operating normally. When he realized that the workshop was able to maintain high efficiency due to the improvement of production automation and the lack of staff arrival rate, Secretary Chen gave appreciation.

In the enterprise prevention and control propaganda position, Secretary Chen Weijun listened to Sunbun's reports on the "Epidemic Prevention 6S Management" system, employee arrivals, and material security, and affirmed the company's control measures. He emphasized that strict prevention and control and risk control are the prerequisites for enterprises to resume production and production. If the prevention and control of the battle cannot win, the development initiative will be impossible to talk about. win". In response to the current difficulties of enterprises, the government will deepen the "three services" activities, so that the services fall where the enterprises urgently need, and the discounts fall into the enterprises' "pockets."

The person in charge of the company thanked the governments at all levels for their long-term care and support for Sunbun, and said that they will strictly follow the relevant government requirements, strictly control the resumption of production and safe production, organize employees to return to work in an orderly manner, and firmly win the "two wars" Promote the role of demonstration and contribute to the promotion of economic development and social stability.

The technician was professional, educational and thorough in both the installation process and walking us thru features of system. Also, easy to work with and absolutely no issues!!
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