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Happy back to Wenzhou, Sunbun welcomes the family

Aug 30.2022

On the afternoon of February 26, during the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, Sunbun ushered in a group of non-local employees returning home to resume work. The company's chairman Jiang Wei, general manager Jiang Hong and some management cadres greeted employees and expressed condolences in front of the company.

Employees are valuable resources of the enterprise. Sunbun actively responded to the call of the municipal party committee and government, and when it became the first batch of reinstatement and reinstatement enterprises, it launched the employee rejuvenation plan to make employees return to work as quickly as possible. To this end, the company actively coordinates resources with the relevant departments of the district and surrounding enterprises, using special trains to meet, jointly charter, adjust routes, and other methods to create conditions for employees to return to the enterprise and solve problems. At present, the resumption rate of employees is close to 70%

When Sunbun welcomed the employees back to the enterprise, it was the time when Zhang Chunfang, chairman of the Longwan District CPPCC, and his party went to Sunbun again to supervise the resumption of production. The arrival of Chairman Zhang made the employees who returned to the factory that day not only feel the warmth of Sunbun's home, but also feel the kindness of Wenzhou's entrepreneurship.

Chairman Zhang Chunfang first condolences employees to return to Sunbun safely, encourages employees to fight against the epidemic together, and strives to work hard to contribute to the big family of Sunbun and Wenzhou, the hometown of entrepreneurship.

Chairman Zhang Chunfang and his team understood the company's epidemic prevention and control measures, and affirmed the company's work of preventing and resuming epidemic prevention. Subsequently, Chairman Zhang and his party inspected the company's employees' dining room, isolation room and other areas on site, and visited the isolation room employees cordially, asking in detail about life, hygiene, food and other conditions.

In the accompanying supervision work of this trip, the relevant person in charge of Longwan District actively understood the practical difficulties in the return of employees, the construction of epidemic prevention mechanism, and the protection of medical supplies, and on-site docking to help Sunbun implement specific policies for benefiting the enterprise and solve related practical problems .

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