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China Sunbun High Speed 688T Cable Tie Making Speical Injection Molding Machine

Aug 30.2022

china sunbun high speed 688t cable tie making

China Sunbun New 6880NS Plastic Cable Tie Special Injection Molding Machine on Market now ! 

With The Market Demand The Mold Of Cable Tie Make More and More Big.  Injection Speed also Need Get Faster.  

After 458T Machine. SUNBUN 688T Injection Molding Machine  For Sales Now .  

This Machine Base On New Central Locking Technology .  100% OEM For Nylon Cable Tie. 

From Frame, Mold Platen, Screw , Open Stroke, Motor And Oil Circult  System  All New Desinged For Nylon Cable Tie  

With Accumulator Injection Speed Can Reach 600 mm/s  

Welcome Professional Cable Tie Manufacturer Inquire We have Hundreds Of Live Case For Showing 


Whatsapp:// +86-13566334574

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