Servo Injection Molding Machine: Selection Guide


Sometimes you want to buy an injection molding machine for a certain job. Machine purchase is not an easy task. It is necessary to understand the key parameters and functions, and obtain tenders and quotations from multiple dealers. Next, I will take you to know the tips for buying injection molding machines.

What is the injection molding machine

Injection molding machines use a manufacturing process called injection molding. An injection molding machine is usually composed of an injection system, a mold system, a hydraulic drive system, an electrical control system, a lubrication system, a heating and cooling system, and a safety monitoring system. The injection molding machine uses the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to inject the plastic in a well-plasticized and molten state (that is, a viscous state) into a closed cavity, and then solidify and form a product.

This machine is characterized by mass production of parts. They are mainly used for mass production, which can be used for repetitive plastic product production. This type of injection molding machine is very cost-effective, and the project can be easily completed using the injection molding machine.

A servo-driven hydraulic machine is an injection molding machine with a servo motor to drive a hydraulic pump. The servo system includes servo motors, servo controllers, and oil pumps. It can save more power when the machine is working. In the industry, saving power means saving more money.

Servo injection molding machine has the following advantages:

  • Good clamping force
  • Low power consumption
  • Faster cycle time
  • Clean and quiet
  • Amazing position, pressure and speed accuracy

You can read this article to learn more about servo injection molding machines: Servo Injection Molding Machines: What You Need to Know

Buy a servo injection molding machine

Before purchasing a servo injection molding machine, you must fully understand the parameters and characteristics of this injection molding machine in order to meet the requirements of later production and create greater benefits.

Pay attention to the following parameters when buying an injection molding machine, which is suitable for most injection molding machines, and servo injection molding machines are no exception:

  • Injection size

    The injection size is best defined as the maximum amount of plastic that the injection molding machine can inject into the molding cavity in a molding cycle. The injection volume of the injection molding machine is very important. You need to choose the best injection molding machine with a suitable injection cavity. Therefore, when you are looking for such a machine, the recommended best practice is to use a plastic molding machine that can produce 30% to 40% larger injection sizes.

  • Tonnage

    Tonnage refers to the pressure related to clamping, which is called clamping tonnage. In terms of injection molding equipment, tonnage is measured by the number of tons of downforce that the machine can press the platen together. These pressure plates are needed to fix the mold cavity and inject plastic into the cavity to produce parts.

  • Press plate size

    The pressure plate in the injection molding machine is a tool or workbench that helps to effectively fix the mold cavity. The entire structure is separated where it is inserted into the mold. They are firmly clamped by the pressure plate. The two pressure plates are connected together and bear a lot of pressure. Once the two pressure plates are combined and kept under tonnage pressure, the plastic is heated and injected under pressure, then you need to cool the plastic mold and use them for further modifications. Therefore, the size of the platform adds enough pressure to make the parts have the correct shape.

  • Tie rod spacing

    The tie rod spacing is defined as the space between the horizontal tie rods on the injection molding machine. The plastic product manufacturing machine consists of horizontally placed tie rods. Pitch is an important consideration. Basically, the measured value and the maximum spacing of the pressure plate determine the maximum size of the mold that can be placed in the molding machine, and the spacing of the pressure plate can start the molding cycle according to the size of the mold. In this regard, you can seek the help of an expert to manufacture The supplier can help you assemble this type of molding machine.

  • Ejection stroke

    The stroke of the ejector in the plastic injection molding machine acts by pushing or with the help of a thimble to eject the machine to form the final part from the platen. If there is no ejection stroke, the machine will stop working, so the stroke of the injector must be checked before purchasing the machine.

  • Financial considerations

    When buying an injection molding machine, you must understand your financial considerations. You must be prepared because this is a huge investment. You can ask different manufacturers for their quotations, and then compare their prices to choose a reasonably priced injection molding machine. When making such calculations, you must understand the break-even point of the investment you are making.

    The part design that will be designed with the machine must be determined. Having simple geometric specifications and a minimum number of parts at the initial level will help you pay dividends effectively as you move forward. You must ensure that the machine can design the tooling of the mold and is free of defects. Research mold defects to ensure that the purchased machine can be effectively repaired. Otherwise, it may cause greater economic losses in the future.

  • Production considerations

    You must first understand the minimum cycle time considerations. For example, some machines based on hot runner technology are very efficient. Making small plans when purchasing injection molding equipment can make a big difference in time and cost. The design of the part must be planned in a way that requires the least amount of assembly. The cost of assembling parts can be expensive, so the cost in this area must be reduced as much as possible. Therefore, if the purchased machine completes the main work by itself, labor costs and process costs can be significantly reduced.

    Once the workpiece forming action is completed, the mold is opened, and then the thimble slowly extends outward, pushing the finished product out (or ejecting) the mold cavity. Because the movement too fast may hit the plastic workpiece and damage the final product, while the pin that moves too slowly may not be able to completely eject the molded part.

Pay special attention to choosing servo injection molding machine!

  • The high-power, high-torque servo system should be selected first, which directly affects the overload capacity during high-voltage action. The ultimate performance of the machine can be tested with real objects.

  • Pay attention to the connection between the motor and the oil pump, and whether a reliable coupling and bracket structure is adopted, because the servo motor will frequently accelerate, decelerate, brake, and reverse during operation, which affects the driving process. Dozens of milliseconds . Axial concentricity and intermediate cushioning affect the service life of motor bearings and oil pumps.

  • Pay attention to the factors that affect the efficiency of the machine, such as the displacement and speed of the oil pump. The greater the displacement of the oil pump at the same speed, the higher the efficiency of the machine. The maximum flow output requirements and speed should be considered when selecting the oil pump displacement. In order to ensure the reliability and service life of the servo drive system, it is recommended to design the speed within a reasonable and safe range under the premise of ensuring the highest flow output requirements . Low-speed design also brings faster response speed, but this will increase the cost of the machine, which involves the price positioning of the machine. Both users and machine manufacturers need forward-looking cost allocation.

Choosing an injection molding machine manufacturer

When choosing an injection molding machine, it is also very important to carefully examine the situation of the injection molding machine manufacturer.
  • Capacity specialization and capacity:

    Injection molding machines have tens of billions of markets around the world, and choosing the best injection molding company for your parts seems unstoppable. It is best to narrow down your options according to your size and product requirements. If you need to quickly produce prototypes to test parts, choosing a low-to-medium-volume molding machine may be an ideal choice.

  • Meet the specification:

    Having to compromise puts product manufacturers in a challenging situation. Regardless of the details involved, there is likely to be a company that can produce your parts without sacrificing specifications. The injection molding partner should be able to make strong recommendations based on the specifications you need without having to make major compromises.

    Recommendations should be derived from the experience, expertise and latest technical knowledge of the injection molder. Specification changes may include subtle design adjustments, alternative resin recommendations, and other ways you can save time and money during design, development, and production.

  • Service and technology:

    Not all injection molders provide extended services or the technology needed to help design manufacturable parts. Cooperating with molders that provide prototyping, part design services, rapid response manufacturing, in-depth mold flow analysis, etc.-in addition to their traditional service products- will help you create valuable cost and time efficiency in bringing products to market.

  • Quality and efficiency:

    In addition to meeting your specifications, your injection molding machine manufacturer partner should also be established and committed to providing the best possible service. Answering these questions will help provide you and your team with the necessary insights to choose the injection molding machine that best suits your company's needs:

    • Do they have high-quality and efficient machines that run well?
    • Do they provide a strong mold maintenance program?
    • Is project management software used to ensure the highest level of communication and efficiency in each step of the part design and development process?
    • Do your parts need to pass strict inspections or meet high safety and quality standards?
    • Is your injection molder ISO certified?


Before buying a servo injection molding machine, it is best to know the detailed information. If you are interested in buying a servo injection molding machine, then I recommend Sunbun Machine products to you.

Zhejiang Sunbun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Sunbun Machine) is a subsidiary of Shunbang Group. Founded in 1993, Xinbang Machinery is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of automated intelligent equipment and injection molding machines. Development After nearly 30 years of development and continuous innovation by professional researchers and technicians, Xinbang Machinery has become a first-class manufacturer of injection molding machines. The servo motor injection molding machine produced by Sunbun has the following advantages:

  • Using the most advanced dual CPU control technology
  • 100 MCAN digital communication to control the movement of the machine, with higher control accuracy and faster response speed
  • Equipped with high-end new servo motors. With high torque. Low noise and longer durability
  • High-response closed-loop control mode makes the system pressure and flow stable and accurate
  • Output the corresponding power according to the system load. This is more energy efficient. The oil temperature is low. To
  • Reduce the use of cooling water. Improve the service life of hydraulic oil and hydraulic parts, increase repeatability

Sunbun Machine provides the best injection molding machines and becomes your trusted partner.

Contact us now to get the most detailed quotation and consultation.

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