Sunbun "Luban" Master Award - 2020 New 42 Pairs Master and Apprentice Paired Successfully

Ray- Sunbun Imm
August 2, Sunbun Group held the 2019-2020 "Teacher and Apprentice" work summary and the first "Luban Master Award" commendation meeting in the company's lecture hall to inherit and practice the craftsman spirit and continue to build a master culture with Sunbun characteristics .

 The company's chairman Jiang Wei and general manager Jiang Hong attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the general manager summarized the work of masters and apprentices in 2019 and commended outstanding masters

Sunbun master culture since 2017. Now this Culture already cover all range of type. It help new employees quickly adapt to the new working environment, improve work skills, and cultivate their uniqueness。 
August 2 also  is the anniversary of our ancient Luban Master. Sunbun chose to hold the apprenticeship ceremony on "Luban Day", which is also continuing to inherit and promote the traditional Chinese "Master" culture. 

Under the witness of all the Saints on the scene, the 42 pairs of mentors and apprentices newly paired in 2020 held a grand apprenticeship ceremony.
After the meeting, the new employees visited and learned the history of the Chinese Communist Party and the history of Sunbun Enterprise
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