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Let's Learn How to Use Plastic Injection Molding Machine !! China Sunbun SK180 * 3 Sets Plastic Injection Molding Machine Loading Container On July 17th. Machine Is Used For Morocco Schoool For Teaching Student How to Used Injection Molding Machine. Machine Have Special Customized By Clients For Better Use By Students. With Smaller Injection Platen and Smaller Screw Can Be Add Injection Speed And Injection Pressure. Central Locking Technolgoy Help Machine Clamping Force Can Be 100% Used No Waste At All. Material Also Can Saving 2%-6% Hereby With This 3 Sets Machine Can Be Welled Servied at Local And Train more injection molding machine talents for Morocco Sunbun. Imm 2020-7-21

● 100% Clamping Force Ratio, 10%-20% Higher Than Tradtional One 

● Less Fins On The Finished Products 

● 2%-6% Raw Material Saved From Tradtional One 

● Effective Production For Mold, Mold Board and Pull Rod 

Open Stroke 10%-20% Bigger Than Morlam One 

● Less Deformation By CoolIng 

Injection part
Item/type Unit SK180 / 880
Screw type   AA
Screw diameter mm30
Screw diame-ter ratio L/D 25
Theoretical injection volume cm³102
Injection volume (PP) g 98
Min rate for inject-ion to air cm³/s 86
Material pressureBar3000
Injection stroke mm185
Maximum injection speed mm/s131
Maximal Rotational Speed of Screw r/min262.5
Clamping part 
Item/type Unit SK180 /880
Clamp Tonnage KN880 
Hydraulic TypeTon88
Distance between tie bars mm×mm 520x470
Toggle Stroke mm490
Min-Max Mold height mm200-545
Max Bar Space mm690
Ejector force forward KN45
Ejector force backard KN30
Amount of die thimble Pcs 1+4
Item/type Unit SK180 /880
Motor power KW18.5
Heater power KW 9.95
Quantity of temperature-control zones  4
Bucket capacity kg25
Oil tank capacity L230
Boundary dimension(L×W×H) m5.5x1.5x1.9
Machine weight Ton5.3
Side dimension of the molding board  


  • The enhanced double-cylinder dual-extruding enjection structure will produce a lower back pressure in oil return during ejection. have a quicker injection speed and longer service life

  • The dual linear-guide , double displacement balanced stand can improve machine barrel accuracy

  • Precise screw design will dramatically improve the injection accuracy and effectively reduce the defective rate.  (38/42 Crmoal)

  • The optioncal pneumatic nozzle imported with orginal package has a flexible switch device and reliable seal

  • The cylinder with thicker wall and a high power heater can ensure a high plasticizing efficiency


  • With international High Speed Storage motor and Hydraulic Components ensure fast , effcient and long life operation

  • Modualr design for High-Response oil circult and hydraulic valve plate Which have a large oil circule and free of damp effectively reduce pressure loss , speed up system response ability

  • Original germany oil pipe and seals avoid oil leak. ;


  • The whole electrionic control system is design for full electric and high speed injection molding machine

  • Apply Up-To-Date System,  New hardware design,  intelligent interactive interface ,  A CPU for fast arithmetic speed

  • Using EtherCAT/CAN  All-Date Communication technology Show clear iprovement in all technical indexes. Actsmore accurately in pressure and flow rate control

  • Reserves an internet management systen and energy consumpition display which enables advantanced control modes.


  • SK Series adopts outwards toggle and excellent design ideal . with quite large bar space between four column. Which is required by different industries.

  • Super large open stroke is 10%-20% bigger than normal one.  More suitable for deep cavity product

  • QT500-7 Mold board is much strong for long time service .

  • Adopting gear-adjusting ring with high-precision, large-scale transfer and compact structure to facilitate customer adjusting the mold thickness
International  Components                                                                                                                         
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