500 Sets !Sunbun Speical Medical Injection Molding Machine

Sunbun Imm

Shanghai Kindly Group  as one of the biggest manufacturers for medical polymer product in China which now have 12 production bases in China. Export for over 50 countries. 

Sunbun Medical Injection Machine already serice for KDL group for over 10 years and around 500 sets.   Special for SB1800  SK2300 and new S2200 This 3 type. 

Sunbun Machine have Develop J6 and S Series For Medical Apparatus Industry. Through Combination With High Resopnse Large Torque Servo Motor and High Speed Low Pluse Imported Oil Pump. This Injection Machine Products Adopt CAN Digital Contraol Technology To Make The Engery-Saviing Effect and Control Precision Better Than Those Controlled By Analoge Quality.  

The Operation Of the Whole Macihne is Stable and Low Noise by 50% Reduced Compared With Variable Pump And Constant Pump.  It's Specially Suitable For Colsed Purification Workshop By Using Sunbun Medical Injection Moulding Machine The Power Capaty Of The Plastic Injection Workshop Can Be Reduced About 50% And The Supply Of CoolIng Water Only 1/3 Ot Normal Injection Machine 


S2200 SB1800J6 SB2300J6 And SB 2800J6 Suite For Batch Maching of Injector Jackets and Push Rods 

SB1600J6  SB1800J6 S2200 Is Suite For Variable Kinds Of Syringe Tank,  Infusion and Drip chambeer 

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