SK Series Servo Motor Injection Machine

SK Series Servo Motor Injection Machine

SK series. From 140T-2800T as the lastest generation injection molding machine of SUNBUN group featuring the mechanical Central Locking Structure. Different with 99.9% injection machine among the market With 100% clamping force and longer open stroke which can be use smaller machine make bigger products. Material saving  2%-6% than normal machine enjoy solid reputation from all the clients.

Sunbun,  Your best high speed high precision injection molding machine. 

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  • The enhanced double-cylinder dual-extruding enjection structure will produce a lower back pressure in oil return during ejection. have a quicker injection speed and longer service life
  • The dual linear-guide , double displacement balanced stand can improve machine barrel accuracy
  • Precise screw design will dramatically improve the injection accuracy and effectively reduce the defective rate.  (38/42 Crmoal)
  • The optioncal pneumatic nozzle imported with orginal package has a flexible switch device and reliable seal
  • The cylinder with thicker wall and a high power heater can ensure a high plasticizing efficiency 




  • With international High Speed Storage motor and Hydraulic Components ensure fast , effcient and long life operation
  • Modualr design for High-Response oil circult and hydraulic valve plate Which have a large oil circule and free of damp effectively reduce pressure loss , speed up system response ability
  • Original germany oil pipe and seals avoid oil leak. 



  • The whole electrionic control system is design for full electric and high speed injection molding machine
  • Apply Up-To-Date System,  New hardware design,  intelligent interactive interface ,  A CPU for fast arithmetic speed
  • Using EtherCAT/CAN  All-Date Communication technology Show clear iprovement in all technical indexes. Actsmore accurately in pressure and flow rate control
  • Reserves an internet management systen and energy consumpition display which enables advantanced control modes. 




  • SK Series adopts outwards toggle and excellent design ideal . with quite large bar space between four column. Which is required by different industries.
  • Super large open stroke is 10%-20% bigger than normal one.  More suitable for deep cavity product
  • QT500-7 Mold board is much strong for long time service .
  • Adopting gear-adjusting ring with high-precision, large-scale transfer and compact structure to facilitate customer adjusting the mold thickness



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